Thank you for requesting shearing/clipping

Thank you for requesting shearing/clipping services.  If you are within my service areas, I will be in touch with you shortly about setting up your appointment. See service areas.  Thank you very much for choosing me and I hope to be able to meet you and your flock soon.

Scheduling for the spring takes place in January and February.

There are some services I do not provide:  please see Exclusions

Also please note rain policies:

  1. If you know it’s going to rain and you have a place to put your animals under cover, please do so in advance.
  2. If you have a barn, great!  If not — I’ve had clients be creative about places to shear in case it is still raining when I’m due to come – I’ve sheared in garages, on front porches and I would not have a problem shearing in your kitchen – nor a first choice, but it gets the job done. 🙂
  3. I can shear a somewhat wet animal – damp on the outside (though it is undesirable for many reasons, including that you can’t bag up your fleece).  I can’t shear if they are soaked to skin.
  4. I can’t shear on wet ground – it’s dangerous.
  5. If there is no way possible for you to provide a reasonably dry animal and a space under cover for shearing, please let me know as early as you can so that I can plan accordingly.
  6. I will reschedule rained-out farms later in the season.

2023 season:


New Jersey
Southeastern Pennsylvania
Virginia (North and Central)
West Virginia (eastern panhandle only)

Last two weeks of March:

North Carolina
South Carolina

If you are looking for a shearer in a different state, please try these resources:


Shroeder Shearing
Kinder, Gentler Shearing & Care
Boyds, MD
Tel/text: 301-755-8400
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