Price Calculator

Routine hoof and toenail trims are performed at no cost within the shearing prices. *
Sheep: $16-22 each (note: I do not shear all sheep breeds.  see here for exclusions)
Angora Goats: $25 each
Pygora Goats: $20 each
Alpacas: $40-45 each
Crias: $15 each
Llamas: $45-50 each

*Animals with severely overgrown hooves may incur an additional fee

A farm call/setup fee of $95 is charged at each farm. This is independent of actual shearing or trimming fees.  NOTE:  this only includes setting up at one station.  If we need to move equipment to other areas there are additional charges. 

Why are there price ranges? There are any number of variables involved in shearing and hoof trimming – some hooves are extremely overgrown or rock hard, necessitating the use of horse nipping tools and quite a lot of extra time. Some animals have more than one years’ fleece and that takes more time and care.  And the setup and level of assistance from owners varies from farm to farm; sometimes the wrangling takes longer than the shearing itself if appropriate help is not provided. Ranges are there to take some of these things into account.


Hoof/toenail trims only: $5-10 per animal
Crutching, pizzle area trims, facing (includes hoof trims): $10 per animal
Camelid tooth trims (incisors and fighting teeth): $10 per animal ($5 if done at shearing time)
Pig tusk trims, pig hoof trims, horn trims: $20 per animal per service


This is a delicate topic. I have set my prices to be what I consider fair compensation for the skill and effort required.

Some people elect to add a tip onto the bill if they are especially happy or if we’ve gone above and beyond and they want to show appreciation.  Some people do not tip and that’s fine.  It’s a personal choice.  Some people ask me, “do you mind if we tip you?”  We do not mind 🙂 and no, it does not mess up our accounting. Some clients tip my assistant if they like her work.  That is a nice gesture but again, not required.  I pay my assistant a good wage.

I do know that some shearers “work clients” to get tips and I do not do this.  I think it’s tacky. Really tacky. We are there to serve you and your animals to the best of our ability.


Shearing prices include:

  • hoof/toenail trims for each animal shorn
  • stopping to check on body condition, as needed
  • discussion with owner on any issues pertaining to the animal
  • a shearing assistant (from April 1 to June 30 I will normally have a full time shearing assistant with me )

Shearing prices do not include:

  • Farm call fee (which is $95 per farm)
  • Multiple station setups at one farm ($35 additional fee for each new setup that involves moving equipment, mats, cords, etc.)
  • Fiber collection and/or skirting
  • Time for owner administering of medication or injections Note: I discourage owners from vaccinating at the same time as shearing. Medical and herd health work should be done on a separate day for the health of the animal.  For liability reasons, I will not administer oral or injectable medications.
  • Collecting/herding animals from the field. Animals should be contained before we arrive.  
  • Animals with significantly more than one year’s growth on them


Payment is required at the time of service.  Checks, venmo or cash are preferred.  Credit card payments can be accepted; there is an additional 3.275% surcharge for using paypal and a 3.5% surcharge for using Square.

If for any reason you are unable to pay at the time of service, please advise of this in advance. Payment is due within 15 days.  There will be an additional $10 fee for re-invoicing if payment is not received within 15 days.


Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance to avoid a $95 cancellation fee.