Do you need shearing?

I schedule shearing throughout the year. To make an appointment, please be sure to fill out the request form. The more information you can provide me, the better I'll be able to plan for your flock. Thanks!

About My Shearing Practice

2023 Shearing

2023 Shearing
Currently scheduling fall shearing for the mid-Atlantic region for 2023. Spring 2024 requests are also welcome.

Why Choose Me?

Why Choose Me?
First and foremost: I love animals. I will treat your animals with care, gentleness, and expert handling.

Happy Helpers

Happy Helpers
I believe that shearing is a group effort. We want animals to be well handled, minimally stressed, and in and out of the shearing process as quickly and safely as possible.
  • Anne is a skilled, knowledgeable and compassionate shearer. She has a way with the animals. We look forward to her visit every time. It’s always a peaceful experience!

    Hope Woods

    Anne and team are wonderful to work with- always kind, accommodating when scheduling, and truly reduce the stress of keeping sheep on our farm. I can’t recommend them more highly.

    Justin Whatley

    Anne is a life saver. I can't believe the skill and patience she has when sheering our difficult angoras. In fact, thanks to her advice, we saved two of our girls from very bad skin fungus and she alerted us to possible mastitis, which we were able to treat at home. She is a mentor and a professional. I would recommend her 100%.

    Erin Donovan
  • Anne has been caring for my animals' Shearing needs for a long time. She is loving, professional, reliable and a joy to watch interacting with our lovies. None of the animals is ever reactive, only responsive. On the downside, Anne is high in demand, ger your booking in early

    Allegra von Studnitz

    We run an all farm animal sanctuary and use Shroeder Shearing twice per year for llamas, alpacas, goats, sheep, pigs (toe nail trims) and the occasional woolie equine. We love Anne and her team. They are always very gentle with the animals and thorough and just generally fun to be around which makes shearing day something to look forward to rather than dread.

    Kimberly Clark

    Anne is professional and communicates well with her customers. She is kind and gentle with our alpacas and you can see them become calm as soon as she begins talking to them. She is efficient, has a great set-up for shearing and is always happy to discuss herd health or any other concerns we may have. We highly recommend her services.

    Sue Cunningham

Animal Blog

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Finding a shearer who will travel to your farm can be a challenge.  In many areas of the US, shearers are in short supply and more than one desperate shepherd has resorted to scissors to relieve their animals of their fiber.


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