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To make an appointment, please be sure to fill out the request form. The more information you can provide me, the better I’ll be able to plan for your flock.

The busiest time of the year is between mid-March and the end of June.  There is also a brief busy period from the beginning of September till the end of October.  However, I shear, clip, and trim toenails/hooves year-round, and you can make a request any time.  While I try to be flexible and accommodate most types of shearing requests, there are a few services or types of flocks/animals I don’t do. [see exclusions]

Please note that our rates increase for requests made on or after July 1 for “spring” shearing.  [see pricing page]

Thanks for your interest and hope to talk with you soon!


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  • For driving directions
  • Please note if Suri, Huacaya, and/or crias
  • Horses or cows needing clipping, pigs (for hoof/tusk trims), animals needing hoof/toenail trims only
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