Doing a sheep shearing demonstration.

Shroeder Shearing is a service started by Anne Shroeder (that’s me) in 2004.  As a small flock owner, I discovered it was difficult to find gentle shearers to shear my animals and so decided to dedicate myself to learning the craft.

I currently shear for upwards of 350 farms each year – the flock sizes range from 1 to 100. I shear sheep, alpacas, goats, and llamas, and also do hoof trimming and (for camelids) tooth trimming.

My primary goals:

  • Treat your animals with care and respect.
  • Remove fiber in an efficient and professional manner.

I partner with experienced livestock assistants who are polite to humans and gentle with animals.

A portion all proceeds of the shearing go to benefit Star Gazing Farm Animal Sanctuary

Services include:


  • Sheep
  • Angora & Pygora goats
  • Alpacas
  • Llamas


  • Horse and pony full body and trace clips
  • Donkey clipping
  • Cow clipping
  • Camel clipping


  • Hoof trimming for sheep, goats, and pigs
  • Toenail trimming for alpacas, llamas, dogs, and rabbits


  • Tooth trimming for alpacas and llamas (incisors, fighting teeth)


  • Livestock guardian dog brushing, de-matting, toenail trims


  • Trimming sheep and goat horns that are growing into the head (diamond wire method)

I am not qualified to trim cow or horse/pony/donkey hooves; for clients in central Maryland I will be happy to recommend my own farrier.  For other areas, please ask me – my clients often give me referrals to their farriers/blacksmiths.