Horse Clipping

Sunshine has Cushings disease and needs clipping.

I provide full and partial body clipping for horses.  Services include:

  • Brushing & Combing
  • Full and partial body clips
  • Clipping for horses with Cushings
  • Body rub-down after clipping
  • Cleanup of barn to remove hair from stall/aiselways

Request an appointment for clipping!


Please have your horse caught and ready in his/her stall prior to clipping.  If you are able, bathing your animal the day before will enable me to do a much smoother job.  Please alert me to any physical or behavioral issues that I should be aware of when working with your animal.




I have worked as a professional shearer of alpacas, goats, sheep, and llamas for over a decade and my trademark has always been to treat the animals I work with in a kind and gentle (but practical) manner.  I originally started clipping horses as a service to owners whose horses had Cushings disease and could not shed their coats properly.  I now offer full and partial body clips to horses who need greater comfort in the winter months when being worked.  While it is a favor to them to help them “air out” by removing hair, remember that you also need to be sure that you have the appropriate blankets and housing for them, since removing their hair will make them more susceptible to the colder weather.


Clipping prices include brushing and post-clipping rub down and blanketing, if desired
Horse full body clip: $150
Trace or blanket clip: $90
Pony or donkey body clip: $75

Please see our clipping request form to view area of service. For stables located more than 30 miles from my home base in Boyds, Maryland, there may be a small travel fee.

If you do not wish legs to be clipped, the price is reduced by $20.  Extra large draft horses will require an additional $30.

Please note: I am not qualified to trim cow or horse/pony/donkey hooves; for clients in central Maryland I will be happy to recommend my own farrier.  For other areas, please ask me – my clients often give me referrals to their farriers/blacksmiths.